Nutrition for your horse, pony, donkey, dog or cat

I provide an individually tailored nutrition plan for your equine or pet, to optimise their health and performance. Based in north Wales I cover north and mid Wales and the North West of England.


Pleasure or Performance

Confused about what to feed your horse? You are not alone! There is so much choice out there for the horse owner; chaff, mixes, straights, supplements... I can help you make the right choice for your individual horse. 

I specialise is scientific, species-specific feeding to fuel your horse with the right amount of energy and correct nutrients for them to thrive, whether they're a happy hacker or a Grand Prix performer.    


Man's best friend

Whether you want to feed a raw diet, conventional or a mix of raw and kibble, I can help you to decide what suits your dog best.


Cats choose us; we don’t own them

Cats need a high protein, quality meat diet. I can help you to formulate a diet for your cat to thrive.

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